How I netted my sellers almost $2 million!

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How I netted my sellers almost $2 million dollars selling this home!

This home lingered on the market on an off over the years. The problem was, it was dated, in disrepair and not staged, photographed or professionally marketed to sell.  With my assistance, my clients purchased the home for $3,750,000 and within 6 months we got to work.  We set out to take care of repairs first then formulated a plan to bring the house up to par with its potential. I guided my sellers through the entire process from paint colors and tiles, lighting and bath fixtures to what type of wood flooring to lay...even. down the the color of the stain.

I coordinated the vendors and acted as the seller liaison and project manager as my sellers were residing out of state during a majority of the project.  I would pop over to the property daily to supervise progress, order materials, oversee deliveries and communicate with the contractors on behalf of my clients. Once updates were complete, my team and I did a whole home staging with high end furnishings that truly complimented the gorgeous home and elevated the property far above the previous presentations on the market. The results were stunning.  Anyone familiar with this iconic Annapolis waterfront home was blown away with what we achieved in the way of a transformation in such a short time.

For minimal financial outlay and time, my clients were able to net close to $2,000,000 in the sale. This is just one of our many success stories like this. If you have recently had thoughts of selling and are interested in what my team and I can do to maximize your profit, please give me a call to set up a consultation. I would love to get similar fantastic results for you.